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homgeek Food Vacuum Sealer Machine makes food storage become simple and effective!

· Keeps food fresh up to 10 times longer
· Prevents freezer burn
· Allows for sous vide cooking
· Dry/Moist food types and Normal/Gentle Vacuum modes
· 3mm Sealing Strip
· Control vacuuming length (cancel button)
· Compact design
· 5×vacuum sealer bags included (20*30cm)

How to Use homgeek Vacuum Sealer:
1. Add food to the bag, and then place the open end of the bag into the vacuum chamber area.
2. Close the lid, you can stand up and press it hard until you hear it “Ta Da” sound, make sure the lid is locked both sides. (Fully press the lid is necessary to prevent any leakage from the vacuum chamber to achieve better vacuum result.)
3. Select Dry/Moist and Normal/Gentle, and then press the “Vac Seal” button to automatically vacuum and seal.
4. Indicator on “Vac Seal” button goes off when job is complete, press the release button and take out the bags.

Please note:
· Do not overfill the bags, leave enough space at the open end of the bag so that the bag can be placed on the vacuum chamber more positively.
· Do not wet or wrinkle the open end of the bag. Wet or wrinkled bags may be difficult to melt and seal tightly.

Package Contents:
· 1 x homgeek Vacuum Sealer
· 5 x Vacuum Sealer Bags (20*30cm)
· 1 x Charger Cable
· 1 x Air Suction Pipe
· 1 x Replacement Sealing Sponge
· 1 x User Manual

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