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A blender makes your food quickly.For those, who strive to lead a healthy lifestyle, having a blender is a definite must as it will provide you with an opportunity to create fresh, delicious, and nutritious foods quickly and with minimum effort.

A powerful blender is an investment that’ll make a huge impact in your kitchen, and more importantly, your health.

· The size and shape of our 64-ounce container that makes them ideal for large households or preparing foods and beverages for parties.
· Variable Speed Control allows you to refine every texture with culinary precision, from the smoothest purées to the heartiest soups.
· On top of being designed in a way that is pleasing to the eye, the Homgeek is also designed with health and safety in mind. All of the materials used for the Homgeek are BPA free.
· With a drop of dish soap and warm water,Run the blender on high for several minutes, then drain it and wipe down the interior of the container.
· Make steaming-hot soup without a stove—in under 10 minutes. The friction from our blades lets you bring soup to serving temperature, right in the container.

· It’s important to layer ingredients when adding them to a Homgeek. Start with liquids, add soft or small items next, and top off the container with hard or large items.
· If possible, add a little water to the bottom of the container before blending. It will help the ingredients move around the blades more easily.
· The machine has a protective function for changing the lid. The machine will not work if the lid does not cover the lid correctly.
· It’s normal for a Homgeek blender to give off a slight burning smell during the first few uses. As the motor gets warmed up, the smell should go away.

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